TRT Side Effects: Testosterone Injections + Creams

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TRT side effects remain a topic of intense controversy with a plethora of claims and counterclaims. And, for those who are not in the know, TRT is simply short-term for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  This is a medical procedure for low testosterone treatment, which often involves the use of gels and injections.


Basically, testosterone injections are the same as testosterone shots; whilst testosterone creams are equal to testosterone gels. These are typical mechanisms for delivering synthetic testosterone into the bloodstream. Thus, functionally, the two are significantly unlike the natural testosterone supplements such as Spartagen XT. Ideally, there is also a third option - which is the use of patches. But, in this article, we will focus on injections and creams.


Testosterone creams are the most common method for TRT. They have no immediate effects, but they prove the saying, “slow and steady wins the race”, true. They are quite easy to apply. And that's without the need for medical supervision. The cream, though, requires daily application. And the application should be to parts of the body where there is good blood flow. This is to ensure that it’s quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Often, both the testosterone creams and injections are believed to serve their purpose. But it’s also clear that they both have their side effects.


TRT Side Effects and Usage Difficulties of Testosterone Creams


One major side effect of a testosterone gel is that it’s easy to transfer it from one person to another unintentionally. And this sort of transference is especially dangerous for pregnant women. As such, when applied, the applicants need to wait for the cream to dry off before moving about. Of course, many people consider the waiting period to be pretty inconveniencing. But it’s an essential hack to help minimize the possibility of unintentional transference. Another issue with testosterone cream is that you can't easily determine the appropriate dosage. Also, the rate of absorption differs from one person to another. Hence, the dosage which may be good for one person may actually be inadequate (or excess) for another person.


Application and Usage Difficulties of Testosterone Injections


Testosterone injections are very active with near immediate effects. It can bring quick relief to the symptoms of “hypogonadism”. But that’s just for as long as it is in the body. Unfortunately, it wears off in a couple of days and thus requires frequent replacement. This makes the proses a bit cumbersome for some people. Additionally, the dosage and application need professional medical oversight. Surprisingly, the injections are less expensive than the creams. And they go directly into the muscle tissue. This is the reason they usually get into the bloodstream pretty fast. Unfortunately, there's a need to take the injections at specific intervals. And the routine, again, may appear quite demanding for some users.


TRT Side Effects When On Testosterone Injections


Individuals who take testosterone injections are more likely to develop cardiovascular issues, according to a recent investigation by J. Bradley Layton, Christoph R. Meier, Julie L. Sharpless, et al. The study, however, focused on individuals who used short-acting testosterone injections. These often result in spiky testosterone levels which make such patients vulnerable to the cardiovascular risks. However, some critics believe that the study has some shortcomings. But, they had their reservations mainly because the lifestyle and personal preferences of the subjects weren’t noted in the study.


Nonetheless, fact remains that what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. And this concisely explains the uncertainties associated with TRT, not mentioning its many potential side effects. Thus, professional assistance is often needed to determine which method best suits a patient who may need TRT. It should also be noted that testosterone replacement therapy is discouraged for individuals who have no clear medical need for it.




When health condition allows it, nothing beats the choice to boost testosterone levels with natural remedies that have no side effects. This is true regardless what you think about TRT side effects. Thus, the natural testosterone supplement is a no-brainer when compared to the potential dangers of synthetic testosterone. Basically, good sleep, well-managed stress, good diet, and an overall healthy lifestyle will help increase your t-levels safely.

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