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TRT Side Effects: Testosterone Injections + Creams

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TRT side effects remain a topic of intense controversy with a plethora of claims and counterclaims. And, for those who are not in the know, TRT is simply short-term for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  This is a medical procedure for low testosterone treatment, which often involves the use of gels and injections.


Basically, testosterone injections are the same as testosterone shots; whilst testosterone creams are equal to testosterone gels. These are typical mechanisms for delivering synthetic testosterone into the bloodstream. Thus, functionally, the two are significantly unlike the natural testosterone supplements such as Spartagen XT. Ideally, there is also a third option - which is the use of patches. But, in this article, we will focus on injections and creams.


Testosterone creams are the most common method for TRT. They have no immediate effects, but they prove the saying, “slow and steady wins the race”, true. They are quite easy to apply. And that's without the need for medical supervision. The cream, though, requires daily application. And the application should be to parts of the body where there is good blood flow. This is to ensure that it’s quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Often, both the testosterone creams and injections are believed to serve their purpose. But it’s also clear that they both have their side effects.


TRT Side Effects and Usage Difficulties of Testosterone Creams


One major side effect of a testosterone gel is that it’s easy to transfer it from one person to another unintentionally. And this sort of transference is especially dangerous for pregnant women. As such, when applied, the applicants need to wait for the cream to dry off before moving about. Of course, many people consider the waiting period to be pretty inconveniencing. But it’s an essential hack to help minimize the possibility of unintentional transference. Another issue with testosterone cream is that you can't easily determine the appropriate dosage. Also, the rate of absorption differs from one person to another. Hence, the dosage which may be good for one person may actually be inadequate (or excess) for another person.


Application and Usage Difficulties of Testosterone Injections


Testosterone injections are very active with near immediate effects. It can bring quick relief to the symptoms of “hypogonadism”. But that’s just for as long as it is in the body. Unfortunately, it wears off in a couple of days and thus requires frequent replacement. This makes the proses a bit cumbersome for some people. Additionally, the dosage and application need professional medical oversight. Surprisingly, the injections are less expensive than the creams. And they go directly into the muscle tissue. This is the reason they usually get into the bloodstream pretty fast. Unfortunately, there's a need to take the injections at specific intervals. And the routine, again, may appear quite demanding for some users.


TRT Side Effects When On Testosterone Injections


Individuals who take testosterone injections are more likely to develop cardiovascular issues, according to a recent investigation by J. Bradley Layton, Christoph R. Meier, Julie L. Sharpless, et al. The study, however, focused on individuals who used short-acting testosterone injections. These often result in spiky testosterone levels which make such patients vulnerable to the cardiovascular risks. However, some critics believe that the study has some shortcomings. But, they had their reservations mainly because the lifestyle and personal preferences of the subjects weren’t noted in the study.


Nonetheless, fact remains that what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. And this concisely explains the uncertainties associated with TRT, not mentioning its many potential side effects. Thus, professional assistance is often needed to determine which method best suits a patient who may need TRT. It should also be noted that testosterone replacement therapy is discouraged for individuals who have no clear medical need for it.




When health condition allows it, nothing beats the choice to boost testosterone levels with natural remedies that have no side effects. This is true regardless what you think about TRT side effects. Thus, the natural testosterone supplement is a no-brainer when compared to the potential dangers of synthetic testosterone. Basically, good sleep, well-managed stress, good diet, and an overall healthy lifestyle will help increase your t-levels safely.

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Natural Causes of Low Testosterone In Men?

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Low testosterone level is a huge energy zapper which no active man wants to experience. And that’s because, as Spartagen XT shows, testosterone is the primary hormone for high energy and masculine traits. Thus, no real man wants to run low on T levels. However, as a harsh reality, testosterone level decreases consistently as men grow older. And that often leads to some serious health hazards.


For example, a drastic reduction in testosterone level can quickly translate to a zero sexual urge. Furthermore, it can also lead to decreased muscle mass, fewer erections or (in some cases) a full blown erectile dysfunction. Additionally, the decline in testosterone levels can reduce bone density. And it can also trigger some emotional issues, such as depression, fatigue, anxiety and lack of concentration.


The body’s testosterone production versus low testosterone levels


During adolescence (and early adulthood), testosterone production runs at the peak level (as it is so critical at puberty). But, as from age 30, testosterone tends to decline by about 1% each year. Nonetheless, the testosterone levels in a healthy adult male should be about 300- 1000 nanogram per deciliter (ng/dl).


Thus when a man suspects an abnormal decrease in his testosterone levels, he should seek medical confirmation quickly. This is essential because, often, a reduction in testosterone level could be as a result of aging. But, at other times, it can also be due to other factors. Such factors may be due to hormonal imbalance or a physical damage to the testes. It may also be as a result of complications on any of the other tissues and cells responsible for the production of testosterone.


Low testosterone levels and the aging process


Again, low testosterone levels correlate massively with old age. Basically, the aging process often slows down the hypothalamus and prevents it from producing enough gonadotropin-releasing hormone. And a scenario like that would typically reduce the amount of available luteinizing hormone that stimulates the Leydig cells. As such, ultimately, the body will begin to witness a significant reduction in testosterone production.


Additionally, unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, and inactivity may also lead to low testosterone levels - much faster - as men grow older. For example, the man who consumes excessive alcohol in old age is likely to produce fewer testosterone levels than his body needs.


Thus, it’s crucial to note that it is not necessarily the old age that causes the drastic drop in testosterone levels. Rather, the real culprit may be the lifestyle you choose to adopt while you grow old. So, as Spartagen XT reviews show, it’s actually possible to turn the odds around and maintain a healthy testosterone level even in old age.


Coping with low testosterone levels in old age


In their study of “the age trends in the level of serum testosterone and other hormones in the middle aged men”, Feldman Ha, Longcope C, et al, found that aging correlates with increase in sex hormone-building globulin (SHBG) levels. Basically, in plain language, when the SHBG is high, there is less amount of free testosterone in the body.


Ironically, a large amount of testosterone produced by the body (about 45%) is attached to SHBG by a strong bond. And the SHBG-bound testosterone is biologically inactive such that even if they add to the total amount of testosterone, they do not account for that which is actually used. And because older males produce less testosterone, having lots of it attached to SHBG doesn’t do much good. But it’s still good to know that that’s how things are.


Thus, knowing for a fact that testosterone levels will decrease with age will help aging men prepare their minds and optimize their bodies in better ways too. For starters, they can cope better with the testosterone decline that comes with old age if they opt for a healthier lifestyle. In so doing, they can remain optimistic that their testosterone levels may only decline a bit, but it will never be totally lost.


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Testosterone Levels Are Higher In The Morning

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Testosterone levels follow a circadian rhythm - even when the production capacity is boosted with Spartagen XT. Basically, it peaks in the morning, falls through the rest of the day, and goes to its lowest level just before the bed time. However, this fluctuation in testosterone levels largely depends on what happens during the day.


For example, the presence (or touch) of an attractive woman can play funny tricks on a man's T-levels during the day. Similarly, something as simple as a sporting event can hike a man’s testosterone levels as well. But that’s as long as the game is exciting, and he (or his team) is winning. In that condition, his testosterone levels would most likely shoot up. Yet, on the flip side, such event can plummet his testosterone levels when he's on the losing side.


The fundamental factors that lead to early morning rise in testosterone levels


Usually, after the stress of the day's activities (and coupled with reduced body metabolism), the body replenishes its testosterone supply. This is the primary cause of the noticeable rise in testosterone levels which is often experienced in the morning. Basically, the brain sends signals to the testes to produce more testosterone to replenish the decline that occurred during the previous day.


Thus, it's normal for men to have a fresh supply of testosterone pumped into their blood stream prior to the time they wake up in the morning. But that's as far as the man doesn't engage in any strenuous activities (be it mentally or physically) during the night. Typically, this explains why a healthy man wakes up in the morning with a lot of energy, motivation, confidence, and even aggression. The vigor also extends to his sex drive. Usually, he would wake up each morning with a strong erection, as Spartagen XT reviews show.


Of course, we may not totally attribute the early morning erections to a rise in testosterone levels. Yet, it's not a mere coincidence that testosterone levels are at peak in the morning when healthy men generally wake up hard.


When to check your testosterone levels, and how to keep things up all day long


Ideally, it is best to check your testosterone levels in the morning. This is because that’s when you’re likely to get the most accurate result. Basically, as mentioned earlier, your daily activities (coupled with other external factors/events) would influence your testosterone flow. This is why you're sure to get varying results if you measure your testosterone levels later in the day.


And, basically, if you want to maintain high testosterone levels all through the day, you can engage in activities that sort of spur you on. Here are four fun things you may start doing immediately:


1. Do whatever excites you and gives you the thrill


For example, seeing an exciting sports event, or actually participating in one, is enough to get your T level flowing up during the day. Just engage in a sport you enjoy - one that kicks the manliness in.


2. Reduce the stress you undergo during the day,


Stress, both mentally and physically, is a huge testosterone drainer. When you engage in physical exercise, don't work out so hard that it starts doing the opposite of raising your testosterone levels.


3. Stay away from excessive alcohol consumption


Of course, gulping an excessive amount of alcohol can mess up your hormones - including the testosterone. Thus, it is smarter to take alcohol moderately if you must.


4. Eat healthy and natural foods that boost testosterone levels


Eat meals that are as natural as possible. These meals should contain some carbohydrates and healthy fats. In case you don’t know, the testicles need cholesterol in order to produce testosterone. Thus you may need to eat lots of healthy fatty foods to keep your testosterone levels high. But just make sure to keep things in check to steer clear of being obese.


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How Testosterone Affects Your Mood As A Man

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How Testosterone Affects Your Mood - What do you think would happen if you had a tiny voice, a little or no sexual desire, plus a scanty muscle mass and no pubic hairs? Of course, these instances are over the top. But there's no doubt that any of such scenarios can make a sane man go a little crazy.


Fortunately, the testosterone hormone is the major biological factor that prevents any of the above scenarios from happening to men so often. The hormone is a sort of biological fuel that drives the maleness of men. It helps to keep men performing high, daily, in full energy and vigor, according to Spartagen XT.


However, when their testosterone levels are unstable, men often experience intermittent mood swings. More often than none, a testosterone-induced erratic mood swing occurs randomly for no obvious reasons. Additionally, a case of low testosterone level can lead to more severe conditions, which may include the following symptoms:


  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Decline in memory
  • Poor cognitive skills
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Random weakness
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulties with sleep


Of course, none of these is a funny experience. But they’re still only the tips from the can of terrible health hazard that’s called low testosterone.


 Low testosterone levels - More details of how testosterone affects your mood


Usually, low testosterone would have an adverse effect on a man’s mood and health in various ways. First, testosterone directly affects sexual desire in men. (But, it’s not always responsible for unwanted physical conditions, like erectile dysfunction). Basically, a low testosterone level will translate to a low energy level and poor sex drive. That simply implies that your mood may appear timid and boring when you mix with other people - especially women.


Secondly, testosterone has a lot to do with how well your mind and brain work. When a man starts experiencing signs and symptoms of low testosterone, it affects how he views himself. He goes low on motivation. And he gets this poor feeling of self-worth, such that he sort of loses his energy and drive. He stops seeing the need to shed off some body fat and build more muscles, thus feeling unattractive. Basically, the low testosterone level is just stressing him out emotionally.


And since low testosterone has these dampening effects on sexual activities, it may also put a man at loggerheads with his sexual partner. Plus, a low testosterone level diminishes a man’s abilities to concentrate and so makes him irritable. Thus it can easily wreck a man’s relationship with his partner, coworkers or friends.


Some individuals, who had problems with hypogonadism, have discovered that increasing their testosterone levels have helped to improve their mood.


How to beat low testosterone and improve your mood


  • Manage your stress

A man with low testosterone should learn to manage stress. He should realize that stress is an external contributing factor that leads to or worsens low testosterone levels. When you manage stress efficiently, you will essentially reduce the symptoms of other emotional issues which correlate with low testosterone levels.


  • Develop healthy habits

Improve on your habits. Eat healthily. Reduce the amount of sugar you consume and exercise your body regularly. Don’t stay idle. Do things that make you happy, something that sort of brings in the sunlight.


  • Sleep Adequately

Proper rest has a way of repairing the human body, including yours.


  • Communicate effectively

To ease the stress on your relationship with your partner, try to communicate your feelings effectively to one another.  Help each other to see that low testosterone level is not an unfixable situation. It can be improved on and it is treatable. In fact, Spartagen XT reviews show that once proper measures are taken to remedy the symptoms of low testosterone levels, a man naturally starts getting better again.


A healthy testosterone level can give a man a clear advantage


Men with healthy testosterone levels usually have little or nothing to worry about. They experience normal muscle growth, good bone density, and great libido. Thus, being in a depressed mood over low Ts isn’t part of the bill for them.


For aging men, have it at the back of your mind that low testosterone is something that comes with aging. So, try to prepare your mind for such situations. However, at the moment, you too can also consider using all the suggestions in this article.


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