TRT Side Effects: Testosterone Injections + Creams

TRT Side Effects From Testosterone Injections Cream, Shots, Patch or Gel

TRT side effects remain a topic of intense controversy with a plethora of claims and counterclaims. And, for those who are not in the know, TRT is simply short-term for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  This is a medical procedure for low testosterone treatment, which often involves the use of gels and injections.


Basically, testosterone injections are the same as testosterone shots; whilst testosterone creams are equal to testosterone gels. These are typical mechanisms for delivering synthetic testosterone into the bloodstream. Thus, functionally, the two are significantly unlike the natural testosterone supplements such as Spartagen XT. Ideally, there is also a third option – which is the use of patches. But, in this article, we will focus on injections and creams. Read The Full Story

Natural Causes of Low Testosterone In Men?

Low Testosterone in Men

Low testosterone level is a huge energy zapper which no active man wants to experience. And that’s because, as Spartagen XT shows, testosterone is the primary hormone for high energy and masculine traits. Thus, no real man wants to run low on T levels. However, as a harsh reality, testosterone level decreases consistently as men grow older. And that often leads to some serious health hazards.


For example, a drastic reduction in testosterone level can quickly translate to a zero sexual urge. Furthermore, it can also lead to decreased muscle mass, fewer erections or (in some cases) a full blown erectile dysfunction. Additionally, the decline in testosterone levels can reduce bone density. And it can also trigger some emotional issues, such as depression, fatigue, anxiety and lack of concentration. Read The Full Story

Testosterone Levels Are Higher In The Morning

Testosterone Levels Are Higher In The Morning

Testosterone levels follow a circadian rhythm – even when the production capacity is boosted with Spartagen XT. Basically, it peaks in the morning, falls through the rest of the day, and goes to its lowest level just before the bed time. However, this fluctuation in testosterone levels largely depends on what happens during the day.


For example, the presence (or touch) of an attractive woman can play funny tricks on a man’s T-levels during the day. Similarly, something as simple as a sporting event can hike a man’s testosterone levels as well. But that’s as long as the game is exciting, and he (or his team) is winning. In that condition, his testosterone levels would most likely shoot up. Yet, on the flip side, such event can plummet his testosterone levels when he’s on the losing side. Read The Full Story

How Testosterone Affects Your Mood As A Man

How Testosterone Affects Your Mood As A Man

How Testosterone Affects Your Mood – What do you think would happen if you had a tiny voice, a little or no sexual desire, plus a scanty muscle mass and no pubic hairs? Of course, these instances are over the top. But there’s no doubt that any of such scenarios can make a sane man go a little crazy.


Fortunately, the testosterone hormone is the major biological factor that prevents any of the above scenarios from happening to men so often. The hormone is a sort of biological fuel that drives the maleness of men. It helps to keep men performing high, daily, in full energy and vigor, according to Spartagen XT. Read The Full Story