Testosterone Levels Are Higher In The Morning

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Testosterone levels follow a circadian rhythm - even when the production capacity is boosted with Spartagen XT. Basically, it peaks in the morning, falls through the rest of the day, and goes to its lowest level just before the bed time. However, this fluctuation in testosterone levels largely depends on what happens during the day.


For example, the presence (or touch) of an attractive woman can play funny tricks on a man's T-levels during the day. Similarly, something as simple as a sporting event can hike a man’s testosterone levels as well. But that’s as long as the game is exciting, and he (or his team) is winning. In that condition, his testosterone levels would most likely shoot up. Yet, on the flip side, such event can plummet his testosterone levels when he's on the losing side.


The fundamental factors that lead to early morning rise in testosterone levels


Usually, after the stress of the day's activities (and coupled with reduced body metabolism), the body replenishes its testosterone supply. This is the primary cause of the noticeable rise in testosterone levels which is often experienced in the morning. Basically, the brain sends signals to the testes to produce more testosterone to replenish the decline that occurred during the previous day.


Thus, it's normal for men to have a fresh supply of testosterone pumped into their blood stream prior to the time they wake up in the morning. But that's as far as the man doesn't engage in any strenuous activities (be it mentally or physically) during the night. Typically, this explains why a healthy man wakes up in the morning with a lot of energy, motivation, confidence, and even aggression. The vigor also extends to his sex drive. Usually, he would wake up each morning with a strong erection, as Spartagen XT reviews show.


Of course, we may not totally attribute the early morning erections to a rise in testosterone levels. Yet, it's not a mere coincidence that testosterone levels are at peak in the morning when healthy men generally wake up hard.


When to check your testosterone levels, and how to keep things up all day long


Ideally, it is best to check your testosterone levels in the morning. This is because that’s when you’re likely to get the most accurate result. Basically, as mentioned earlier, your daily activities (coupled with other external factors/events) would influence your testosterone flow. This is why you're sure to get varying results if you measure your testosterone levels later in the day.


And, basically, if you want to maintain high testosterone levels all through the day, you can engage in activities that sort of spur you on. Here are four fun things you may start doing immediately:


1. Do whatever excites you and gives you the thrill


For example, seeing an exciting sports event, or actually participating in one, is enough to get your T level flowing up during the day. Just engage in a sport you enjoy - one that kicks the manliness in.


2. Reduce the stress you undergo during the day,


Stress, both mentally and physically, is a huge testosterone drainer. When you engage in physical exercise, don't work out so hard that it starts doing the opposite of raising your testosterone levels.


3. Stay away from excessive alcohol consumption


Of course, gulping an excessive amount of alcohol can mess up your hormones - including the testosterone. Thus, it is smarter to take alcohol moderately if you must.


4. Eat healthy and natural foods that boost testosterone levels


Eat meals that are as natural as possible. These meals should contain some carbohydrates and healthy fats. In case you don’t know, the testicles need cholesterol in order to produce testosterone. Thus you may need to eat lots of healthy fatty foods to keep your testosterone levels high. But just make sure to keep things in check to steer clear of being obese.


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