Spartagen XT Review (UPDATED 2018)

Spartagen XT review seems to litter the web daily. But the potential users of the premium testosterone supplement haven't stopped clamoring for more reviews - especially the  Spartagen XT customer reviews.


However, here's the present reality...


From Google Search to Facebook (and other social forums), no space seems to be free of Spartagen XT review.


Of course, many of these Spartagen XT reviews come from sales folks who’re looking to make some money. Yet it’s also true that lots of the reviewers are actual users who know exactly what they are saying.


Regardless of how we look at it though, the recent upsurge in Spartagen XT reviews remains a clear indication that the male supplement has risen in popularity. And that’s a big deal for Edge Bioactives (the manufacturer). This is huge because we all know that the product was virtually unknown on the web prior to April 2014.


The following pictured surge in interest makes our affirmation of the product’s rising popularity even clearer. 


Just take a look at these charts from Google Trends:


Global Interest in Spartagen XT Based on Google Trends Data


Worldwide Interest Chart for Spartagen XT based on 2014 Google Trends - spartagen-xt reviews
Worldwide Interest Chart for Spartagen XT based on 2014 Google Trends - Spartagen XT Review


And here’s another chart showing the 2015 trends


Worldwide Interest Chart for Spartagen XT based on 2015 Google Trends
Worldwide Interest Chart for Spartagen XT based on 2015 Google Trends - Spartagen XT Review


The worldwide upsurge of interest in this natural testosterone supplement (as shown by the preceding charts) is led by the US. But demand is also rising significantly in the UK, Australia, India and South Africa, etc.


*UPDATE: The Google Trends data for 2016 and 2017 seem to indicate that the global interest in Spartagen XT is on a decline. This may be an indication of user aversion. But it may also be as a result of market saturation. Thus, the trend may shoot up again as the Spartagen XT manufacturer begins to expand its market share.


Worldwide Interest Chart for Spartagen XT based on 2016 Google Trends - Spartagen XT Reviews
Worldwide Interest Chart for Spartagen XT based on 2016 Google Trends - Spartagen XT Review




Worldwide Interest Chart for Spartagen XT based on 2017 Google Trends - Spartagen XT Reviews
Worldwide Interest Chart for Spartagen XT based on 2017 Google Trends - Spartagen XT Review



Despite its recent decline in trends, the huge global interest in this relatively new dietary supplement remains phenomenal. But here’s the real question…


What Kind of Men Love Spartagen XT the Most?


How Spartagen XT Affect Lives Around The World - Spartagen XT Reviews
How Spartagen XT Affect Lives Around The World - Spartagen XT Review


Folks seem to love this product because it’s nutritionally engineered to bring five (5) essential transformations to the male body.


"It’s a supplement that addresses men's health issues and actually works to resolve them,” says Jim Ridley, one of the many established users.


In fact, tons of nice ‘thumb-ups” (like that one from Jim) have been coming from men of all ages (especially those aged 30 and above) who use the supplement regularly. No doubt, lots of men are seriously raving about this pill, as shown by the earlier mentioned Spartagen XT customer reviews.


But it’s also very clear that there are certain groups of men who love the product more than everyone else does. (Please note that this does not in any way imply that the supplement is addictive. No, it's not. Spartagen XT does not contain a synthetic steroid, "testofen" or any atom of added testosterone. This is unlike some medications used for Testosterone Replacement Therapies (TRTs), which are known to induce undue aggression in their users, as reported in this article).


The point here is simply to highlight the fact that some men tend to find the product more effective than others do. And that's particularly true for the following groups of men:


1) The Energy Seeker


"My stamina has never been this high...," says Mr. Carlton, a new user in group one. It seems this group of men usually finds that (with Spartagen XT) one can consistently enjoy a healthy and natural upsurge of energy. As in, it helps you to feel so alive and sharp all through the day.


2) The Libido Hunter


"I found myself paying a lot more attention to women...," says Kevin D, a hilarious user in group two. This group of men may find that this supplement can easily be the secret to her random laughter in the bedroom. It helps you to achieve that strong and healthy libido that’s sure to restore the smile back on her face for good.


3) The Bodybuilder


This group of men may find that Spartagen XT makes gym times more exciting. The supplement can help take your routine workout sessions to the next level. Needless to mention how deeply you’d enjoy the massive results. "I went from being stuck benching a measly 185 lbs to finally…finally being able to bench 225 pounds...," says M. Baldwin, a recent user in group three.


4) The Performance Hero


This group of men may find that the pill holds a secret key to the staying-power they crave. No more dull moments. "Now I’m like the marathon man. My girlfriend can’t believe it...," says Michael Dalton, a typical group four user. The pill can give your performance a huge kick. This is the kind of boost that will naturally fuse you with the stamina it takes to do an impressive job in the bedroom - or wherever. Just imagine the sheer pleasure of having a chance to hear your partner brag about the immense pleasure and satisfaction you bring her.


5) The Drive Enthusiast


This group of men may find that this advanced testosterone formula enhances their vigor and underscores their maleness. "I also noticed a slight increase in my aggression...," says Sid Russell, a confirmed group five user. There’s perhaps no better help in getting back that masculine drive that can make you feel like a man all over again. What’s more, you’ll also enjoy the alluring confidence that comes with the drive.


Of course, it’s not guaranteed that everyone would experience the same outcome. On the contrary, we all know that results are sure to vary from one user to another. Yet, it’s safe to suggest that these five groups of men (as were highlighted above) are collectively responsible for the rising popularity of this supplement. 


However, in our Spartagen XT review, we also want to know what’s really the catch... As in, what are the hidden factors that make Spartagen XT so attractive?


Spartagen XT review 2018 - all the pros, cons and facts



Spartagen XT Pack and Bottle - Spartagen XT Reviews
A Bottle of Spartagen XT - Spartagen XT Review


Spartagen XT Review 2018 - The Pros


Of course, many Spartagen XT reviews show that the supplement has a lot of things going for it. But the following five pros are widely considered to be the major features responsible for the product’s unusual appeal to men worldwide.


Pro # 1 - The 100% Natural Ingredients Formula


Each batch of Spartagen XT (as a matter of policy) comes from pure herbal extracts and premium natural ingredients. Then, a group of in-house medical scientists uses scientific precision to blend the herbs and ingredients into a very potent formula. The result is a very potent supplement that helps to boost natural testosterone production and enhances the performance of men everywhere without any dangerous side effects.


In fact, below are 5 of the 11 major Spartagen XT ingredients:


1) Tongkat Ali


Research shows that this herb is packed with potent compounds that can improve mood, reduce stress, increase libido in men and shoot-up the quality of semen.


2) Tribulus


For ages, this herbal compound has been known (and is now proven) to help men keep their drive at the cutting edge consistently.


3) Vitamins B6


This essential nutrient is known to promote nerve cell communication process and enhances mood. And in order to make sure that the users get a healthy presence of Vitamin B6 in the product, the nutrient is extracted from the variety of sources where it occurs naturally.


4) Vitamin D


It’s proven that this rare nutrient helps to ensure muscle growth, bone strength, and efficient immune system.


5) Magnesium


Experts believe that this essential nutrient helps to escalate the body’s energy production and helps to ensure a healthy cardiovascular system.


See Spartagen XT ingredients for more information on all the eleven major ingredients that are used in the supplement. (Also included are references to some academic research that were done on these ingredients).


Pro # 2 - The FDA Approved US Based Production Facility


Spartagen XT is made in the USA!


And that’s huge.


We could not find a similar dietary supplement (in the course of our Spartagen XT review) which could boast of having the "Made in the USA" status.


In fact, Eric Schurenberg (Editor-in-chief at Inc.) explains here what a product that’s “Made in the USA” is worth. So, no doubt, this is a huge guarantee of trustworthiness to every Spartagen XT user worldwide.


And the reason is simple…


To be labeled or promoted as “Made in the USA”, the product (as a matter of obligation) had to be manufactured and promoted under strict regulations. It had to comply continuously with the directives and regulations of the governing authorities.


These regulations include requirements for strict adherence to consumer protection and labor laws; high-level safety standards; environmental friendliness; and the fair level of transparency. Failure to comply with these regulations would most likely place the manufacturing plant at the risk of getting shut down by the authorities.


In fact, Spartagen XT complies with GMP procedure (an industrial quality and safety assurance process known as Good Manufacturing Practices). Compliance with this procedure requires that the supplement is scientifically blended at a production facility that's routinely audited and inspected by the Government. This ensures that strict controls are put in place to guarantee the potency, safety, and effectiveness of the formula. This rigorous quality assurance process begins from the earliest stage of the pill’s development and continues until the complete approval of the final product.  


Pro # 3 - The Clearly Defined and Scientifically Validated Dosage


Due to their culture of undefined dosages, some folks often take other dietary supplements as though they were chocolates. But not this product. Unlike many other pills out there, this advanced supplement comes with a well defined clinical dosage of 900 mg/per day.


A dose of Spartagen XT is made up of two easy to swallow capsules recommended to be taken in the morning with breakfast.


Each bottle contains 60 capsules for a full 30-day regimen.


Notably, some users prefer to take the pill in a circle (usually three-weeks-on and one-week-off). But some in-house experts believe that such observation of circles is unnecessary since the product is purely made of 100% natural ingredients.


Pro # 4 - The Crazy Sort of a Money Back Guarantee


In plain language, Edge Bioactives (the manufacturer) dares new buyers to try the advanced testosterone dietary formula risk-free for 90 days.


But it does not stop at that… “they took money-back-guarantees to a whole new level” says Paschal Chuk, our sales process analyst. And that’s a fact. Just take a look at the refund policy issued recently by the brand’s spokesperson:


“We're confident you're going to absolutely love Spartagen-XT and what it does for your drive and energy levels. Otherwise simply mail the bottle back within 90 days for a 100% money-back refund. No hassles, no questions asked. Even if you've used the entire bottle of Spartagen-XT and you just mail back the empty container, you'll receive every single penny back. And just as a thank you for purchasing Spartagen-XT, all of the free bonuses are still yours to keep..." 


Seriously, no one else does a stuff like that. And this is probably why some folks call it Spartagen XT free trial.


Pro # 5 - The Massive Discount and Easy Online Sales Channel


Each bottle of the pill sells at $99.95 (without discount).


But there’s an unbelievably massive discount going on right now. However, this insane discount (up to 51% off) is made available through this official online sales channel only.


You may also like to see Spartagen XT at WalMart for more information on why the supplement is sold online only as opposed to being sold through middlemen and other traditional distribution and retail channels (such as WalMart, GNC, eBay or Amazon).


NOTE: The order page has an actively selected subscription to the famous Edge Exclusive Performance Coaching Sessions. This optional (but essential) performance coaching service is different from the pill and is billed monthly. So make sure to deselect it if you do not want it to be included in your order. See how to buy Spartagen XT online. 


Spartagen XT Review 2018 - The Cons


The Downsides of Spartagen XT - Spartagen XT Reviews
The Downsides of This Supplement - Spartagen XT Review


Yea, this 2018 Spartagen XT review won't be complete if we don't highlight the downsides too.


Virtually all great products do have their downsides. So this one is no exception.


The difference, however, is that every known downside of Spartagen XT has a workable hack that makes the product worthwhile.


Below are three of the known downsides and their respective workarounds.


Con # 1 - Hard To Find - (Spartagen XT is not sold at Retail Outlets)


Ever experienced the frustration? Say, you drove severally to a WalMart or GNC store to quickly purchase your favorite vitamin. But the only message you got each time was: "the product is not in stock". 


Kind of awkward, right?


Well, that’s exactly the case with Spartagen XT. The product is neither stocked nor sold in any third-party retail outlet nationwide. This supplement is only obtainable officially by direct order.


Direct shipment to end users is our company’s distribution policy,” says Edge Bioactives (the Supplement’s manufacturer). The company explains that the reason for the Direct Sales policy is to ensure consumers get the product in its best form and at the most affordable price. This is achieved through a customized digital Direct Marketing methodology. “It simply cuts off the need for middlemen and eliminates the possibility of overstocking the product and letting it deteriorate on the shelves,” says one of our sales analysts.


HACK: The hack to this con is to simply order the supplement online. Best if you order more than a month’s supply at a go. Fair enough, the product ships within 24 hours from the time of each successful order.


Con # 2 - Slow Pace - (the pill takes time to kick in)


Not everyone notices the effect of this pill after taking the first few doses. In fact, a huge number of first-time users report that the result does not kick in until after taking the pill for about two or three weeks. This may come as a shocking revelation if you’re looking for a “quick fix”. Unfortunately, Spartagen XT is not a “quick fix”. It’s not even a drug. It’s purely an advanced dietary formula which trains and enhances your body to produce free testosterone sufficiently.


Some people erroneously take more than four capsules of this supplement daily thinking they’d speed things up that way. Well, as it turns out, taking four or more capsules in 24 hours may actually be counterproductive. (See Spartagen XT side effects). So, unless your doctor tells you otherwise, the recommended dosage remains two capsules per day.


Some users, however, claim that they get better results after taking three capsules per day. But, no matter what, you should never let it get beyond four capsules within any 24 hours timeline.


HACK: Just take the recommended dose consistently. You’ll definitely start seeing results within the first three weeks (usually). But it all depends on the prevailing status of your body. Thus, against all odds, it's possible that some users may see and feel some positive changes from day one.


Con # 3 - The Premium Price (yes, some people think it’s a con too)


Spartagen XT is not cheap...


Okay, it's not as cheap as some unregulated and unverified pills that are manufactured abroad and peddled over the Web. On the contrary, Spartagen XT is the premium US-made product which favors quality and visible results more than cost.


HACK: Take the six months' supply offer, at less than half the price. You’d have a total of 90 days to try the pill and convince yourself that it works, else you’d have your money refunded in full. No questions asked. Click here to see the rules.


Finally, In Conclusion ...


This is unlike those random and unclear Spartagen XT reviews, which litter the web so often. Rather, from the beginning of this review, we’ve seen how Spartagen XT keeps soaring high in popularity worldwide. And we’ve seen the actual factors that drive its appeal on men across the globe. Notably, we also noted a few things which some people actually see as downsides to the supplement. And for all the known downsides we recommended some effective hacks that would help to make the pill a worthwhile investment against all odds.


Now let’s wrap up the Spartagen XT review with three other facts about this dietary supplement that you probably didn’t know.


Spartagen XT Review 2018 - The Facts

Fact # 1 - Spartagen XT can put your libido into overdrive


Yes, I know.  The idea of getting high on libido sounds like having pure fun all day. But that may be so true only when you have a committed partner. Here’s the issue: high libido, without a committed channel for regular satisfactory release, often brings a giant tide of distraction. But I guess many men won’t mind that kind of distraction after all.


Fact # 2 - The benefits of this pill are maximized when you get back to the gym


The product will give you a huge boost on energy level. It’s a sure thing. But you need to utilize the energy. You have to harness it through routine workout sessions. That way you can quickly optimize your body and derive maximum health benefits from the vigor the supplement provides.


Fact # 3 - Spartagen XT has zero questionable substances


The supplement contains no allergens. It has zero animal byproducts. And there are no questionable additives to worry about. Spartagen XT is a pure natural product you can trust.


Learn How To Order Spartagen XT Smoothly!
Our exclusive pictorial guide shows how to buy Spartagen XT directly from the manufacturer. This is regardless where you are in the United States (or anywhere else in the world - except Africa ). Basically, our guide shows you how to complete your order in one minute, or less!