Spartagen XT ingredients – The Complete List

Spartagen XT Ingredients - The Complete List and Analysis

 Spartagen XT ingredients are eleven in number (as shown in the preceding image). These are the core natural contents of the Spartagen XT formula. But they can be classified into the following five subgroups:

  • Roots,
  • Herbal leaves,
  • Fruits,
  • Vitamins, and
  • Minerals.


And, (as I explained below) science shows that these ingredients are naturally effective for improved male performance.


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Of course, the Spartagen XT ingredients got scientific validations largely because researchers often work round the clock to unlock more nutritional and medicinal values of various herbs. And this progressive work has been going on for ages.


For example, Benzie Iris FF, and Sissi Wachtel-Galor, in their book on “in-depth scientific examination of effects of individual herbs”, said that:


“Herbal Medicine is a growing field with many traditions[2].  


And, according to the University of Michigan Medical Center :


“… herbs can help treat a variety of conditions, and in some cases, may have fewer side effects than some conventional medications” [1] 


Thus, the rise in scientific validations of herbal medication is leading to higher consumer interest in herbal solutions. In fact, herbal products are now the preferred dietary supplements for many Americans. And, as expected, the rising interest in herbs is also driving more clinical research and scientific studies on herbal compounds. Basically, it’s like a sequence of reciprocal cause and effect. And, as it stands, a series of scientific evidence shows that these natural ingredients are quite safe and very effective.


In fact,  Spartagen XT safety and research show that herbal ingredients can improve men’s health significantly. But it’s also clear that some environmental factors (such as soil quality, prevailing climate condition or bugs) can enhance or damage the quality of any herbal ingredient. For that reason, plenty of scientific work is needed in order to select, purify and standardize these ingredients for safety and maximum potency. This is where Edge Bioctives (the manufacturer of Spartagen XT) comes in.


Spartagen XT ingredients: The selection, purification and standardization process


An elite assembly of senior scientists (both here in New Jersey and in some other cities around the United States) work consistently on the Spartagen XT formula. Basically, the job of these scientists is to uphold the premium quality of Spartagen XT, regardless of financial costs. And for that reason, no expense is considered too much when it comes to selecting, purifying and standardizing these ingredients. Thus, the Spartagen XT advanced testosterone formula is made with the purest blend of the natural ingredients shown below.



The references on this page point to relevant scientific papers and expert opinions. And they all support the effectiveness of various ingredients that make up the Spartagen XT formula. However, below is a description of the five groups of those ingredients and their eleven specific components.

Spartagen XT Ingredients – GROUP 1: The Roots


Basically, we have four Spartagen XT ingredients in the roots group.


1) Tongkat Ali Extract


Research shows that the root of Tongkat Ali contains some compounds that naturally increase the release rate of “free” testosterone. [3]. Additionally, evidence also shows that this natural increase in the body’s release of testosterone is quite effective [4], results to higher libido [5] and actually boosts the quality of semen [6].


2) Maca Roots


Scientific evidence shows that Maca (a historic Peruvian medicinal plant and food-supplement) contains nutritional properties that can enhance energy and fertility[7]. In fact, a double-blind, randomized study shows that Maca root can boost libido in men [8] and alleviate sexual dysfunction [9]. It can also help to maintain hormonal balance [10].


3) Butea Superba Extract


Butea Superba is a historic Indian plant used traditionally to manage male sexual disorders. Research shows that this plant can improve semen production, decrease defective sperm, and very useful in alleviating male infertility [11].


4) Asian Ginseng Extract (whole plant)


Generally speaking, Ginseng is known to enhance libido and boost sexual performance in men [12]. However, a number of scientific studies have also shown that the roots and berries of Korean Red Ginseng in particular (also known as Asian Ginseng) can boost erection [13] and help to alleviate erectile dysfunction [14].


Spartagen XT Ingredients – Group 2: The Herbal Leaves


There’s only one Spartagen XT ingredient from this group, and it’s called:


– Chrysin


Scientific studies show that Chrysin inhibits testosterone to estrogen conversion[15] [16]. Simply put, it helps to improve vigor and vitality. Thus, Chrysin contains a flavone that promotes hormonal balance for bodybuilding.


Spartagen XT Ingredients – Group 3: The Fruits


Actually, there are two Spartagen XT ingredients from this group. But that’s in addition to the Ginseng Berries (which I mentioned earlier). Here’s the second fruit:


– Tribulus Terestris


Tribulus (also known as puncture vine) is a historic fruit-bearing Mediterranean plant. Some extracts from its fruits can enhance athletic performance, promote heart and circulatory health and help solve sexual issues [17]. A clinical study of Tribulus also showed that it functions as Adaptogen [18] and helps to alleviate “low sperm count” effectively [19].


Spartagen XT Ingredients – Group 4: The Vitamins


We have three Spartagen XT ingredients in the Vitamins category:


1) Vitamin D


In actual sense, the body naturally produces  Vitamin D when you’re exposed to sunlight. Thus external vitamin D supplements are usually a precursor to the vitamin D hormone. But, due to the limitation of the source, Vitamin D deficiency (which is linked to depression and terminal diseases) is rampant around the world [20]. Good news, however, is that Spartagen XT contains this essential element. And it helps users (especially men) to develop strong bones, robust immune system, and positive mood  [21], [22], [23].  


2) Vitamin E


Vitamin E helps to prevent muscle damage. In fact, some researchers believe that it’s quite useful for physical performance and strenuous endurance exercises. It also normalizes the function of immune cells and helps to ensure a healthy heart. In addition, it aids blood circulation and helps to ensure safer and beneficial physical exercise and bodybuilding [24], [25], [26].


3) Vitamin B6


Vitamin B6 promotes communication between the brain and nerve cells. It improves energy level and alertness. And it helps to escalate muscle growth [27], [28], [29], [30].   


Spartagen XT Ingredients – Group 5: The Minerals


We have two Spartagen XT ingredients in the Minerals group.


1) Zinc (as zinc oxide)


Basically,  Zinc is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It promotes bone mass, enhances cardiovascular health, and helps to speed up wound healing [31], [32], [33], [34], [35], [36].


2) Magnesium


Magnesium is critical to the body and how it functions. It normalizes blood pressure and regulates the heart rhythm. Additionally, it participates in energy production, aids protein formation, and promotes the healthy immune system. Magnesium also normalizes muscle and nerve function and helps to strengthen the bone. [37], [38], [39], [40], [41] [42], [43], [44], [45], [46].


In Conclusion


Clearly,  Spartagen XT ingredients contain a healthy amount of all the nutrients listed above. Of course, as earlier mentioned, the FDA has not verified this claim. But the effectiveness of each ingredient used in the Spartagen XT formula is supported by a clear scientific evidence as shown in the references. So, absolutely, Spartagen XT is safe to take.