How to Order Spartagen XT in 2 Simple Steps Worldwide (with Pictures)

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Order Spartagen XT -  this article shows how to smoothly, confidently and excitedly buy Spartagen XT directly from its manufacturer, regardless where you are in the world (except Africa, at the moment). Plus, this guide can help you shorten the actual Spartagen XT order time to only one minute or less.


Yeah, I realize you’ve probably learned a bunch of things about Spartagen XT already (hopefully from this website). And now you're ready to place your first order. Well, congratulations! But before you hit the order button, I’d like you to follow me along for a moment on this pictorial guide.


Hopefully, what I’m about to show you now will help you avoid any kind of proverbial post-purchase sour taste. This will also help to ensure you have an awesome experience while placing your order. 


Get Familiar With The Shopping Cart (few things to know before you order Spartagen XT)


We will delve into the two-step Spartagen XT ordering process shortly. But before that, you'd like to know some very important things, right off the bat, about the Spartagen XT checkout page:


First, it Has the Auto-ship Subscription Enabled


Spartagen XT is packaged in three distinct supply options (more on that later). And any package you choose will come preloaded with an auto-ship subscription. This means you won’t have to worry about placing repeat orders manually each time your supply runs out. With the auto-ship feature, Edge Bioactives is obliged to deliver a fresh supply of Spartagen XT to you at regular intervals. This may be monthly, or quarterly. It may also be once in 6 months. It all depends on the supply option you chose on your first order. This is usually the standard practice when you’re getting a dietary supplement directly from its manufacturer.

VERY IMPORTANT: In case you do not wish to use the auto-ship feature, you must call Edge Bioactives’ customer care unit on 1-800-458-4634 (Monday – Friday, 9am-8pm EST) to cancel your subscription after your first purchase.


Second, it Has an Unadvertised Trial Offer Checked


This is a chance to try the "Keep Your Edge Exclusive Coaching Sessions" for free. It's an optional 14-day free trial offer. But it’s already checked on the shopping cart. Thus you have to deselect it if you don’t wish to try it.  Of course, in my opinion, the “Keep Your Edge Exclusive Coaching Sessions” are super fabulous. They're sure worth your investment. But that's absolutely yours to decide.

Here’s how the offer looks:
The "Keep Your Edge Coaching Session" Trial Offer - How to Order Spartagen-XT

So, as you can see, the offer is already selected by default. Thus if you don’t want it, just go ahead deselect it before submitting your order.


Now that those two issues are out of the way, let’s move on to the ordering process proper. Shall we?


How to Order Spartagen XT - The Two-Step Process


The process is short, simple and straightforward.


Order Spartagen XT - Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Supply Option


I said early on that Spartagen XT is packaged in three distinct supply options. So the first step is to choose the package you’d like to purchase. All of the three options are clearly defined. And there’s a checkbox to each one. Just tick the one you want.


*All the options are awesome, depending on your peculiar needs. But bigger packages will give you bigger discounts.


Here’s how the option boxes look:


Box #1: The Six Months’ Supply Option


The Six Months Supply Option - How to Order Spartagen-XT


The 6 months’ supply option attracts a massive 51% discount. (And seriously, I think that’s a super hefty one).


As I said earlier, this option also comes with an auto-ship feature, which guarantees that you’d get a fresh circle of supply at the end of every six months, automatically.


Once again, you may not want the auto-ship feature. That’s okay. Just make sure you phoned in to cancel it prior to the end of your first subscription period. For that reason, after placing your order, you will still have to call the customer care unit on 1-800-458-4634 and specifically request that the auto-ship subscription is canceled.


Box #2: Three Months’ Supply Option


The Three Months Supply Option - How to Order Spartagen-XT


This happens to be the best selling option. As such, it’s checked by default. But it gets you a less hefty 41% discount (which is still huge). It comes with an auto-ship subscription too, which can also be canceled if you so wish. Again, this option may be ticked automatically once you land on the shopping cart. To clear it off, just pick another option.


Box #3: One Month’s Supply


One Month Supply Option - How to Order Spartagen-XT


This is the least of the three supply options. This one gets you one bottle of Spartagen XT at 31% discount. It also comes with the monthly auto-ship subscription which you may request (by phone) to be canceled right after your order.


The next thing you need to decide on (whether to include or leave out) is the “Keep Your Edge Exclusive Coaching Sessions” trial offer. As I said earlier, this offer is so awesome, but you're free to untick it if you don’t wish to try it.


You’d be ready to move to step two once your preference is decided about those supply options and the exclusive trial offer.


Order Spartagen XT - Step 2: Provide Your Billing & Shipping Information


This one is pretty clear. The awesome thing is that it’s on a single page with the step-one. So the shopping cart does not have any long multiple forms to weed through. Everything is laid out clearly on one short page.  


Here’s how the form looks:


Order Spartagen XT - Step 2 - Part 1: The Billing Address Section


The Billing Information Section - How to Order Spartagen-XT


Order Spartagen XT - Step 2 - Part 2: The Shipping Address Section


You’d notice that the shopping cart automatically picks the option that says: “my shipping address, same as billing”. This may not be true for you. In that case, you just have to simply deselect the option, and you’d be able to enter a unique shipping address.


The Shipping Information Section - How to Order Spartagen-XT


Order Spartagen XT - Step 2 - Part 3: The Credit Card Information Section


This is the last stage in the process. Just enter your card details and click the button that says: “Place Your Order”, and you’re done. If your order is successful, you’d receive a confirmation message plus instant access to five free bonus gifts.


Bonus Gifts: 100% Free When You Order Spartagen XT


Here’s the list of what’s included in the free bonus package:


  • Kama Sutra --The Lost Chapter
  • Spartan 300 Top Secret Workout
  • Healthy, Happy and Hung
  • Superstar Stamina
  • 33 Innocent Words Turn Her On


List of Free Bonus Gifts for Your Purchase - How to Order Spartagen-XT




You are now familiar with the process. You’ve learned how to order Spartagen XT from virtually anywhere in the world. So it’s now time to place your order.


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